Life Lessons: A Heavy Tale

July 6, 2020

Before reading further, please note this post has nothing to do with home improvement or anything that my blog typically suggests as I much prefer to post lessons learned or inspiring stories. This post is a set of jumbled feelings of today’s world which you may or may not relate too. Regardless, I hope you enjoy it.

I have grown weary as my tears stream down my face, pain sieging, this world is a maddening place. One filled with desperation and maleficence. A reality that seems a dark and poisonous blur. A loss of words, a moment of silence, and a time of reflection for those who continue to experience cruel atrocities. The insidious depths of hate are surrounding one another shrouded by our ideological belief systems. One that no one can idly accept. Is this what we have become?

My thoughts race, darting around, never-ending, like the cycle of history… repeating in a new form over and over again. The opinions overflowing constantly without wavering mentally and emotionally overwhelming as fear rises among the people. Seeking refuge to escape the anguish of the existing narrative, searching desperately for a safe place I find a ray of light and clutch it to my chest to feed my soul with hope once more. My thoughts drift further and the nightmare continues.

I awake to find the shackles of society’s control dictating good and evil blurred with shades of gray. The lines of truth are hidden. The desire of others to dictate how one shares their feelings combined with the malintent to steal the calm of silence. Communication is halted unable to break through the people’s mouths. With a fierce annihilation of one’s character and soul, the silence leads to the destruction of our self-worth.

Retreating away, I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing like so many others trapped in silence. The vulnerability of sharing our deepest desires and feelings to truly connect. It is quite difficult when we consider our egos and desire for self-preservation to prevent from being eviscerated. But by not being vulnerable leaves our hearts closed and we are unable to connect.

Have we forgotten what love can do?
Find it.
Grasp tightly.

Because love, empathy, compassion, kindness are all but a glimmer but still shining brightly deep within. We can conquer the negativity of the world.

Never let it go of love in this world.
Don’t let the darkness take hold.