Life Lessons

March 4, 2018

“In life, you have to enjoy the chaos”Rev. LaWanda Long

I hope this post will inspire you to enjoy the chaos of life. -Carrie

A wise woman once said, “you have to enjoy the chaos.”

I thought to myself, is this a joke? How can someone possibly enjoy chaos? How can we possibly fix our 103 year-old-home by ourselves?!

Consider the following: life is chaos and chaos is equal to change. With any change comes patience. The anxiety or excitement of the unknown, time or money wasted or earned, and ultimately, failure or success.  Home-ownership (especially, an older home) will guarantee there is always a new project to complete.

In life, failure will occur, money will be spent, and time will eventually end. Through the changes, one must remain patient.

So here we are. Enjoying the chaos by sharing with the world our hopes and dreams.


One day, time will end. Be patient, savor each moment, and don’t rush it.