Life Lessons: The Power of a Plan

March 28, 2019

“Now is the time.” – Kioka Walcott

Have you ever felt in your heart it was time for a change? Perhaps you are evaluating your life plan right now. Recalling every thought, every action, every mistake, every failure, every success, every achievement… and suddenly, you realize the initial dream has come to halt. The dream and goals aren’t coming to fruition as quickly as you once hoped. Furthermore, during this self-evaluation of your life plan, you quickly notice you aren’t where you thought you would be, and panic sets in.

Flush! An image of a toilet comes to mind. Stop! Your life is not a toilet and it is never too late to flush and start again! Now that my potty humor is complete.  Let’s begin again. Maybe you don’t have all the right tools to complete the task ahead or resources are scarce. Or you wish that someone else could just do it for you. But it is just that, a wish.

Now is the time to create a plan!  Put on your big girl panties (as I speak to myself writing this) and write it down, draw it out, whatever it takes to get your dreams and goals organized. Avoid making an overwhelming list. It’s easy to think of EVERYTHING you have to accomplish. Instead list it out in phases. Like any home project, there will be unexpected twists and turns, financial burdens, lack of support, and at times you may not be quite sure how to accomplish it. That’s what Google and YouTube are for and friends. Don’t let the nagging voice drone on any longer and tell yourself, “You can do this!”

Our life plan changed with the recent loss of our beloved dog passed from Lymphoma. His death was not the outcome we had hoped for however he is no longer suffering and is watching from above in heaven. His flower garden memorial resides under the pecan tree at the end of the brick path. In his memory, we’ll continue to work on our plan regardless of challenges that may lie ahead (and trust me, there are many). We’ll face it as we always do…

With lots of love,