Life Lessons: The Power of Love

November 10, 2018

Love is a complicated term. An emotion laced with many feelings such as happiness and pain. As in life, there is love and joy, grief, and pain. The cycle continues, and I equate this to God’s plan. As with most people we’ve experienced much of both over the years. The day we closed on our home our first dog that we adopted together was tragically killed by an automobile. Unfortunately, another one of our beloved dogs would succumb to the same fate.

Recently, we received the sobering news from our veterinarian that our dog has Lymphoma. Nauseated, denial set in. Ignoring the statement, I asked our veterinarian again, “So, he has… Lymphoma?” “Yes,” she said.  Tears hit my cheeks swiftly and vigorously. Wailing and wallowing in my misery, my husband stood stoically holding me trying to comfort my self-induced pity party.

Have you ever loved someone or something so much that it hurt? I have many times. My husband refers to me as a “feeler.” A feeler or an empathetic person is someone who experiences and feels the emotions of others. Often I’m unable to control this so-called superpower and at times can be kryptonite or a curse. Empathy isn’t to be confused with sympathy which is an entirely different meaning.

So what is the power of love? Yup, you read that correctly. The power of love. Yes, that’s right. The mushy teenager holding a boombox radio in the air from the famous movie in the ’80s (you know the one). I know, I know. You are already rolling your eyes and asking yourself why you are reading this post. It is already depressing, long-winded, and has absolutely nothing to do with home renovations or weddings, or does it?

Our mission is to spread love to the world. Part of that love is what we share with our extended family. Or in our case our beloved animals or a more endearing term, furbabies.  After losing several family members to cancer and other illnesses, it is tempting to close our hearts to love. Because let’s face it whether it is a break-up, marriage, divorce, birth, or death, love hurts! The love we share is what heals us. Without love, what is life? When we make a decision to get married, it is for love. No matter what love brings in our marriage, it is important to support one another through positive and negative experiences.

In the name of love, keep dreaming, praying, and living.

What else is there to do?

With love,